Vintage Glass 60's-70's era

Handpainted Mr. Bingle Ornament
Courtesy: Lauren Brown - 70's-80's era

Early Modern:

Mr. Bingle Ceramic ornament 70's -80's

Mr. Bingle Ceramic ornament 70's -80's

linoleum ornament from Spirit of Mr. Bingle Tree Program 1985-86

1990 Spirit of Mr. Bingle Tree Ornament
hand carved from wood then hand painted by salvation army

This is a 24 plated metal ornament made by Camerlane TM.Made in the U.S.A.It says Mr.Bingle.I have no idea what store these were made for.I got them from a lady in Rhonde Island...Go figure.



2002 wooden puppet type

1999/2000 Ceramic ornaments

2003 Spirit of Mr.Bingle Ornament.Handmade/Wooden Painted, by Salvation Army as an appreciation gift for donating toys and clothes to the Spirit of Mr.Bingle Tree Program.

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