1963 from Memphis, Tenn. Lowenstein's catalog

1962 from Memphis, Tenn. Lowenstein's catalog

Wooden Candy box Late 60's to early 70's era

1990 Token typo on right, front and back side

Mr. Bingle Metal Pin, 1950s

Old Mr.Bingle 50's metal pin(s), one silver eye one black eye

50's 60's metal pin

This is from the Mr. Bingle tv show long ago, with
Penquin Pete, Mr.Bingle and Al Shea
50's 60's era
When the show ran it was first in black and white then in color in the 60's
Courtesy WYES TV in New Orleans and Al Shea

This is a piece of old Mr.B wrapping paper left over
from the old store Maison Blanche before they closed.

Mr.Bingle watch 70's era by Bradley made for Maison Blanche

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