Memorabilia 5

Mr.Bingle exiled to Metairie.A Mardi Gras Costume/Photo

Old advertisment designed by Paul Yacich.Used with permission from Paul Yacich.

A Watercolor of Mr.Bingle by Jane Brewster Used with Permission from Jane Brewster

Old Bingle wrapping paper from around the late 70's early 80's

Old Bingle Old Maison Blanche Ads

In the Back to School Ad Maison Blanche 40's 50's on the right the little girl is Anne Marie sister of Henry Harmison,sitting on the steps is Henry Harmison talking to cousin Lou Weisdorfer,the other girl in the foreground and the boy behind may be Emile Alline's children. Photo courtesy Henry Harmison and credit goes to his father now passed 1992 MB's photographer Hank Harmison Sr.

The other ad is Henry Harmison and Diane Catanese,daughter of one of MB's barbers.Photo by Hank Harmison Sr. ,MB Photographer Thanks so much to Henry Harmison son of Hank Harmison.

The next is a pic of a Mr.Bingle Marrionette borrowed by a photographer for a photo shot.Owner still a mystery.Courtesy Zoe

70's era music box porcelain,plays Winter Wonderland memorabilia section. Courtesy Lauren Brown

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