Vintage Doll Photos

Hand puppet silver metal eyes 1950's
Mr. Bingle hand puppet Courtesy Lil' David

50's ? era silver metal eyes and nose
Joans Bingle.
courtesy Joan Gardebled,New Orleans
Notice he has a straw cane, not sure if original to doll or not.

40's-50's silver metal eyes, not sure if pin was original to doll or not

late 40's-50's. Obtained from a lady in Slidell from her attic treasures

Mesh Jute Wings cotten eyes,late 40's early 50's.

50's scraggely stuffed silver metal eyes scratched nose

early late 50's silver metal eyes

The vintage one is a Bingle who was in need of repair and I operated on him, he's recovering nicely. His hat was off, no nose no wings no ribbon and no bell. I put him in the Bingle Hospital. He now has new wings to fly.

A Tiny Mr.Bingle
This is a tiny little Mr. Bingle only about 8 inches high sitting. He is from the 50's era and is made of that mohair material. I have a larger one here in photos that also has the Mr. Bingle tin pin. I was wondering if it was original to doll or not but now this one makes me think that it was. He is missing part of his burlap wing, but he's still adorable to me. His cone is in great shape for his age.

49-early 60's era

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