Bingley Photos 3

Bingle with angel tree top. Courtesy Pam Roth Collection

Photo courtesy Erin, her Bingles and Tree 2004

Mr. Bingle made an appearance and had his photo snapped at the December 2004 Chris-mutt Pawty Yappy Hour, a monthly fundraiser for the Jefferson SPCA in Harahan, Louisiana. This dog's real identity unknown, photo used courtesy Dingo Marshall and MOM who also attended.

Donated photo of a old remnant of a MB Bingle Display

Mr.Bingle and Santa land by helicoptor at Clearview Mall 1984. Courtesy Henry Decoteau

Mr.Bingle around the store. Courtesy Henry Decoteau

Mr.BIngle(Henry Decoteau)and Santa inside Maison Blanche taking pictures. Courtesy Henry Decoteau

Lauren Brown's Old Maison Blanche Store/Parade Costume of Mr.Bingle.Purchased during store liquidation/closing in the 90's.Actual age unknown.

Bingle in Birmighman,Alabama ? Wow! This is a store called Loveman's. From 1950 courtesy Tim Hollis

Ad for Lovemans advertising Bingle from 1950 courtesy Tim Hollis

The puppet theatre is Clif Holman(now 76),he had his own Bingle shows in Alabama.Who would have known? Loveman's Dept Store. Courtesy Tim Hollis

Jerilyn Alline Faulstich, Rachael L. Gurtner, and Denise Alline Gurtner standing with the Big Mr.Bingle to be refurbished for Celebration in the Oaks 2005. Courtesy Denise and Jerilyn

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