Bingley Photos 1

Mr.Bingle painting "Mr.Bingle and Son"

Mr.Bingle painting "Mr.Bingle on Green Velour"
Courtesy by Artist: Jeannie Detweiler

handmade ornament for Rose in Thibideaux,La

A very old display Bingle
Display from Memphis TN. Lowensteins

Handpainted Wooden Mr. B Yard display
sign owned by DRW a/k/a "Bay" in La.
Courtesy of DRW a/k/a "Bay"

Here is a beautiful watercolor piece depicting
Mr.Bingle.The artist is Chantedieu (a local New
Orleans artist). Used with permission:

Maison Blanche Buliding /Canal St.New Orleans 1920's.Tall white Building.Old Post card

Here is a pic of the Mr.Bingle in a case at Dillards.The sign says Original Mr.Bingle.

The cookies (random shots) are from a kindergarten class in Thibideaux

Close-up of Huge Mr.B at Al Copelands display Metairie take by Rose used with permission

Old Maison Blanche window display recreation taken by Lauren Al Copelands display in Metairie,La.Notice Mr.Bingle flying through the air in the window.

A handmade sign about Mr.Bingle at Al Copelands

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